Botanical Wedding Cakes

We teamed up with Nine Cakes and Jen Huang Photography to bring you 10 different botanical wedding cake ideas, inspired by the naturalistic bride. Just a few clippings from our garden was enough to create a range of wedding cake flower designs! Many thanks to Nine Cakes for baking such artful cakes, and Jen Huang for spending the afternoon with us to capture the details! 

Fruited – Blueberries on the branch, Hellebores and Heuchera

Alpine – Blueberries on the branch, Hellebores and Grape Muscari

Vine – Jasmine Vine, Hellebore and Deutzia

Tropical – Golden Fiddlehead Fern and Dogwood

Delicate – Green Hellebores

Exotic – Smokebush

Romantic – Koko Loko Garden Rose, Hellebores, Vibernum and Heuchera

Classic – Koko Loko Garden Roses, Cinnamon Spice Hellebores, Chocolate Cosmos and Heuchera

Monotone – Dried Hydrangea Florets

Forest – Dogwood