Recap: April In-Studio Workshop

Reporting to you from the land between workshops.

We received a stunning gallery from Stella Yang today, photographer extraordinaire, and I have to say: WOW. I’m always blown away by the student work that comes out of our workshops. For us, as instructors, it’s a dance of giving enough support and enough freedom. We like to show you from start to finish what our thought process and techniques are, and what sorts of moments we’re hoping to capture within a single composition. But the rest? It’s all up to you. As I often say, we teach you the rules so that you can break them lol.

Without further ado, enjoy this gallery from our April workshops — i think you’ll be blown away by how unique to the artist these compositions all are. And if you’d like to spend the day flowering with us, space is available on June 8th at our centerpiece + bouquet classes!

Additional thanks to our vendors —

Grace Rose Farm — for generously donating the luscious garden roses seen throughout!
April Foster Bridal — for your beautiful work on hair and make-up
Maggie Wu Studio — for outfitting us and our model
Katie Kwan — for giving good face and being our favorite chef model