Portfolio Critique + Mentoring


Portfolio Critique + Mentoring


Skype, Phone, or In-Person (San Francisco, CA)

We are often asked about our approach to flowers, and how we run a successful floral design studio in one of the most competitive cities. The truth is, we've tried a LOT of different approaches -- some failures, and some successes. But year after year, we continue to get closer to our vision of:

  • fewer, higher quality weddings + events
  • highly curated destination event florals
  • sustainability in our business -- feeling inspired / staving off burn-out
  • work/life balance

We offer hour-long mentoring sessions wherein we learn about your vision, goals, and stumbling blocks, and share OUR acquired wisdom about how to overcome those challenges. We review your portfolio and provide feedback and advice on what works and what doesn't to help you start attracting the kind of clients you want. 

Our mentoring sessions are great for designers just starting out, designers who are trying to establish a rhythm within their existing businesses, or designers who are getting ready to rebrand their work. 

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